Pricing Guide

Group Photo

Show off the whole product collection!

The gang's is all here!!! Line 'em up for your website header. Great for social media content.

$49 per image + cost of props

Flat Lay

These photos are anything but FLAT. We will show movement, texture, and tell a story with fun props bringing the product to life.

Add hand model for $99!

$39 per image + cost of props

Lifestyle Photos

Show your clients how much better their life will be with your product. Your product will look good at any setting.

Add hand model for $99 or/and Full body models for $150 each!

$39 per image + cost of props


Crisp white backgrounds or bright color backdrops, your product will shine!

We can also remove your background for only $10.

$39 per image + cost of props


You can choose your backdrop color and try different wardrobe options. Great for your 'About Me' page in your website.

Pricing applies when you have a product shoot with Vera Photography.

$75 per image

Stop Motion Videos

Short stop motion videos are great for social media campaign and ads. Great for unboxing, fun videos, or to show the full collection.

Starting at $150